Tools & Assessments That Enhance Training, Coaching & Consulting Results

As a vital part of our training, we provide a powerful array of training tools and assessments. These resources strengthen gains and sustain professional growth. Which ones we select, depends on your situation and preference.

Over the years we have found many assessments to be highly useful, but only when interpreted by an expert. In fact, without experienced guidance, sometimes various training tools (such as personality profiles) which can be absolutely transforming to an organization, can actually breed disagreements!

Sales Training | Leadership Development | Professional Growth | Team Building

To give you an idea, here are a few of the resources we use depending on your needs:

  • Kolbe A Index
  • DiSC
  • Athene Quotient (Incredibly Powerful tool for Professional Development Which VERY FEW Understand How to Implement)

    • This tool, rather than an isolated snapshot profile which never changes (like most), EVOLVES over time and captures improvement and change
    • When used in coaching with proper coaching the results can be transformational.

(actual assessments we use)

(actual assessments we use)